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Global Market Expansion Program 2023

"A pacemaker for young Korean entrepreneurs to enter Europe!"

As the curtains draw on the Global Market Expansion Program 2023 (GMEP), jointly supported by the "KISED(Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development)" and the KoEF(Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation), it's time to reflect on the remarkable journey that unfolded over the course of this accelerator program.

We are an industry agnostic accelerator program and for the 2023 Global Market Expansion Program (GMEP), we have effectively onboarded companies from diverse industries. Our proven model spans multiple domains, facilitating the growth of young startups within our dynamic ecosystem. Notably, we have connected aspiring entrepreneurs with mentors who bring specialized expertise in each field, inspiring and nurturing their entrepreneurial spirit for global market success.

Four weeks of Program in Korea

After our intensive 4-week workshops in Korea, the10 participating startups have achieved the following milestones:

  • Developed a comprehensive market expansion playbook.

  • Conducted thorough market research on Germany and the EU.

  • Established a clear roadmap for introducing their products to the German and EU markets.

  • Identified the optimal legal company formation strategy and initiated the necessary steps to commence the process of company incorporation.

Six weeks of Program in Germany

After our intensive 6-week Program in Germany, the10 participating startups have successfully achieved the following objectives:

  • Developed a well-defined fundraising strategy and crafted a compelling investor pitch.

  • Engaged in productive meetings with local companies and European-based venture capitalists.

  • Gained a comprehensive understanding of the strategic aspects involved in expanding their product into the European market.

Demo Day 08.09.23

Celebrate the success of a groundbreaking event where global innovation seamlessly merged with entrepreneurial brilliance! Silicon Allee and 123 Factory delivered an unforgettable evening on September 8th at The Drivery, Mariendorfer Damm 1, transcending borders to spotlight Korea's dynamic tech startup landscape.

Pitching_Jewon Jung(Noside Studio)

The event, which showcased a selection of the most promising tech startups from Korea, marked a significant milestone in bridging international companies with Germany's vibrant startup ecosystem.

Attendees were not only inspired but also immersed in a world of possibilities.

Highlights included riveting live pitch sessions where distinguished Korean startup founders presented their revolutionary ideas before an esteemed jury of experts, investors, and seasoned entrepreneurs. The networking extravaganza that followed provided a platform for connecting with fellow international startup pioneers, angel investors, venture capitalists, and thought leaders. Engaging conversations flowed, sparking the potential for groundbreaking collaborations.

Pitching_Hyosun Kim(Treemom)

Indulging in delightful refreshments and delectable bites during the post-pitch reception, attendees experienced a true melting pot of innovation and camaraderie. This event not only showcased the exhilarating surge of early-stage innovations from South Korea but also set the stage for future collaborations, industry disruptions, and a new era of progress in the global tech landscape.

Demo Day 08.09.23

Throughout the program, we have witnessed remarkable achievements, from the development of robust market expansion playbooks to the execution of clear product roadmaps for entry into the European market. Startups have not only conducted extensive market research on Germany and the EU but have also identified optimal legal company formations, setting the stage for seamless incorporation processes.

Healingsound_Jungu Kang

As we bid farewell to the GMEP 2023, we celebrate the collaborative efforts, innovative breakthroughs, and entrepreneurial spirit that have defined this journey. The success stories emerging from this program serve as a testament to the potential for global impact when diverse industries unite under a shared vision of growth and innovation.

Meeting_KIC(Korea Innovation Center) Europe

In closing, we express our gratitude to all participants, mentors, and supporting organizations. The Global Market Expansion Program has not just concluded; it has ignited a lasting spark of innovation that will continue to shine brightly on the global stage. Stay tuned for more updates on the transformative journeys of these startups as they continue to shape the future of the entrepreneurial landscape.

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