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"Fast-Tracking Growth for Sustainable Success!"

In the dynamic world of business, staying ahead of the competition requires agility and innovation. Our accelerating programs are designed to propel Korean companies to new heights in the German market, while also catering to international companies aiming to access the Korean market. We collaborate closely with clients to develop and implement growth strategies, optimize operational processes, and enhance overall business performance.

Whether it's streamlining supply chains, identifying strategic partnerships, or introducing innovative technologies, our team is dedicated to accelerating your company's growth trajectory. We understand the unique challenges of scaling in a new market, and our proven methodologies ensure a rapid yet sustainable approach to achieving long-term success.

Cultural Traslation

Local Presence

Agile Approach

Experts Networks

Market Research

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your target market through our meticulous Market Research service. We delve into market trends, consumer behaviors, and competitor landscapes to equip your entry strategy with valuable insights. Our research forms the foundation for informed decision-making, minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities as you embark on your expansion journey.


Streamline your market entry by navigating and complying with the intricate regulatory landscape, ensuring a smooth expansion for Korean companies into Germany or Europe, and vice versa.

Go To Market Stretegie

Craft a customized market entry strategy that accelerates the expansion of German businesses into the Korean or Asian market, and reciprocally facilitates the entry of Korean companies into the European market.

Product Market Fit

Fine-tune your product-market alignment through our expertise in both the German and Korean markets, optimizing your offerings for successful market penetration and sustained growth.

Market Tapping

In the ever-evolving global business landscape, penetrating new markets is a strategic imperative for growth. Our Market Tapping programs are designed to assist Korean companies in successfully entering the European market and international companies in accessing the Korean Market. 

Innovation Tour

We curate immersive experiences that allow Korean companies expanding into Germany or Europe, and vice versa, to explore innovation hubs, connect with key industry players, and gain firsthand knowledge of the local business ecosystem. This strategic initiative provides a unique opportunity to witness innovation in action and build valuable networks for future collaborations.

Trade Fair


We guide Korean and European businesses through the complexities of participation, offering assistance in booth setup, networking, and optimizing the overall trade fair experience. Whether it's showcasing innovations, fostering partnerships, or gaining market insights, our support ensures a fruitful and impactful presence at key industry events.



We assist in identifying strategic locations, setting up pop-up stores, and navigating regulatory processes. This hands-on approach allows businesses to test the market, engage with local consumers, and create a tangible presence, laying the groundwork for a successful and informed market entry strategy.

Practical Set up

The Practical Set Up service ensures a smooth transition from strategy to execution. We guide you through the practical aspects of establishing your presence, assisting with legal entity setup, navigating bureaucratic processes, and addressing logistical challenges. Our hands-on approach ensures that your business is not only well-positioned on paper but also operational and ready to thrive in the new market.

Set up Legal Entity

Expanding your business to a new country involves intricate legal processes, and at 123 Factory, we specialize in simplifying the complexities. Our "Set up Legal Entity" service is tailored to assist Korean companies establishing their presence in Germany or Europe and vice versa.


We connect you with top-tier HR agencies that understand the local employment landscape, facilitating efficient recruitment processes, compliance with labor laws, and the development of a strong and cohesive team. Ensure a seamless transition for your workforce as you expand into new markets.

Connecting Experts

We facilitate meaningful connections that go beyond borders, linking your business with experts who understand the nuances of both Korean and European markets. Collaborate with seasoned professionals who provide valuable insights, guidance, and support throughout your expansion journey.





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