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馃殌 Fueling Innovation: Exploring Korean-German Startup Collaboration at d路camp with LEG Th眉ringen 馃殌

Exciting developments at 123 Factory! We recently had the privilege of visiting d路camp alongside LEG Th眉ringen and Germany Trade and Invest (GTAI) during their visit to Korea from Germany. Together, we delved into discussions on fostering collaboration between the startup ecosystems of Korea and Germany.

d路camp's dedication to nurturing startups left a lasting impression on us, with its wealth of insights and expertise. We explored how Th眉ringen could adapt and implement some of these strategies, sparking engaging conversations on potential synergies between Th眉ringen's startups and those affiliated with d路camp.

As we continue to strengthen bonds between our nations' startup communities, we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and look forward to cultivating meaningful connections for mutual growth and innovation.

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