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123 Factory's Collaborative Discourse with LEG Thüringen at SBA

🌏 Exciting times at 123 Factory! Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting LEG Thüringen during their visit to Korea, where together, we explored avenues for fostering collaboration between the business ecosystems of Korea and Germany.

Our discussions at Seoul Business Agency (SBA) delved into innovative strategies to enhance bilateral cooperation, leveraging the strengths of both nations. It was truly inspiring to exchange insights and ideas with our esteemed counterparts, reaffirming our commitment to transnational partnerships.

As 123 Factory continues to champion cross-cultural collaboration, we are energized by the possibilities that lie ahead and look forward to shaping a brighter future together. Holger Heyer Eunbin Christine Kim Kyung Jae Kim State Development Corporation of Thuringia - LEG

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