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• Introduction to European Market Expansion
* Overview of the European market and its potential for startups
* Analysis of key economic and social indicators
* Understanding cultural differences and regional variations

• Market Research and Analysis
* Identification of the most promising clients/markets
* analysis of the European industry landscape (taking into account regulatory settings)
* access recommendations, competitors and market trends

• Marketing and Sales Strategies
• Developing a marketing and sales strategy for European markets
• Crafting a value proposition for European customers
• Creating a European-specific marketing plan

• Building a European sales team and network

•Legal and Regulatory Compliance
* Understanding European business laws and regulations
* Complying with GDPR and other data privacy laws
* Registering a business in Europe and obtaining necessary permits and licenses
* Managing international taxes and accounting

•Funding and Investment
* Overview of European Funding and investment landscape
* Identifying potential sources of Funding in Europe
* Understanding European investment terms and conditions
* Creating a European-specific fundraising plan

•Scaling and Growth
* Strategies for Scaling and growing a Startup in Europe
* Building a scalable infrastructure for European operations
 Managing cross-cultural teams and communication
* Understanding European labor laws and regulations



•Korean Food/Agritech Startup's TAP Project 
     * Market Research 
 User Research     
Pop-up store     
        - Test the product on the market     
        - archive interview and feedback

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