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* Explore state-of-the-art tech developments and
   meet game-changers in tech.
* Discover German/Korean innovation hubs
* Pitch to local corporates and investors
* Meet the most exciting founders in Berlin and Seoul.
* Learn what makes Berlin/Seoul so special and how the city and its start-up ecosystems stay competitive by embracing innovation and Startup DNA.

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* Gain a comprehensive overview of the startup
   ecosystem and key players.
* Meet international startups, potential customers,
   and stakeholders
* Networking with relevant government Institutions.



Overview of Korea

South Korea is a star among the up-and-coming countries in East Asia: The country worked early and consistently to create modern framework conditions for innovation. The country of 52 million inhabitants is the first in the world to have a nationwide 5-G network. In terms of mobility, the government is focusing on the widespread use of hydrogen but also wants to expand its leading status in electromobility - according to the motto of becoming the most competitive nation for "cars of the future" by 2030. In many industries, South Korea offers world-class technologies and bright prospects for business, such as in the battery industry, medical technology, chip production and telecommunications.


Overview of Germany

Startups and SMEs that leading the European economy
∙ More than 60,000 start-ups. Start-ups create more than 400,000 Germany
∙ Professional and well-trained mavens have filed 62,100 patent applications in 2020 in the field of research and science in Germany.

More than 40 percent of staff in Berlin start-ups comes from outside of Germany.
∙ Stuttgart offers unlimited cooperation opportunities with global industry companies including Bosch, Daimler-Benz or Porsche.

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